Thursday, May 10, 2018

Summer 2018 Update

It's been a hectic Spring semester (and one that has not felt like spring at all) but we are all finished up with spring classes at Loyola. That means a round of updates to the blog (you're reading it), the main page, and the launch of the SOTU-db web app prototype at There is a very high chance that address for the prototype will not function, but you are welcome to try! There is also a prototype HTML interface in the works at Stay tuned for another, more thorough update from the spring, including:

  • working with NLTK
  • getting the prototype developed with some thoughts on prototyping software tools
  • updates on the planned features for SOTU-db
Plans for the summer months include:
  • continuing to develop the prototype for SOTU-db web app
  • find a more stable digital host/home for the project
  • re-visit and adjustment of project objectives and timeline
Even though things are changing and in many cases behind schedule, I'm really excited about the direction of this project; I'm hopeful we can even get the thing up and running in time for the next real-world State of the Union address in 2019!