Tuesday, January 22, 2019

January 2019 Development Update

A quick update on SOTU-db:

  • SOTU-db's servers were offline for several weeks around the new year, but have now been restored
  • I successfully defended SOTU-db as my Master's capstone project, and have now completed my MA in Digital Humanities
  • I recently took a new full-time position working with the Chicago Metro History Fair (blog post about the new role here)
  • Due to a combination of the above three factors, development of SOTU-db has been at a standstill in recent weeks
I'm hoping to resume work on SOTU-db now at a pace that reflects its status as a hobby/passion project. I'm not committing to further development milestones right now, but I plan to post on this blog at least once a month with the latest updates. I will likely also be making much heavier use of commit messages and version tags on GitHub. I still fully intend to bring SOTU-db into a "full release," but it could be quite a while before that happens.

It's not realistic to think many more features will be completed or bugs will be squashed before the 2019 SOTU address, whether postponed due to the partial government shutdown or not. Nevertheless, I would like to be able to promote the site via hashtags whenever the SOTU actually is delivered, so for now I think a focus on clarity and usability will be my main focus, so that new users can figure out what the site is doing.