Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How to build SOTU-db: Step 1

This series of posts documents the process of getting SOTU-db back online after losing access to the LUC servers upon which it was originally hosted.

Step 1: Get a VM

The first step is actually procuring a server upon which to run SOTU-db. I looked at Azure and Google and decided on Google, partially because they have a simpler interface and a good amount of credits for new users. But I also wanted to see about using Firebase more, and figured that integration would be easier if I used Google for the VM (they call this service the Google Compute Engine). 

I decided to start low in specs, figuring I could scale up if needed, so right now I just have a single VM running Ubuntu 16.04 with 1 vCPU and 3.75GB memory. I assume I'll need to scale that up, but am hoping I can do that after getting more of the platform set up properly. Since initializing the VM, the only steps I have taken have been:
  • run apt update & upgrade
  • point my domain to the VM's public address, which I should probably undo and point to this blog until at least getting the web server running
Step 2, coming up, will be to install either Apache or R; I'll probably glance through the documentation of each to see if doing those in a particular order will be helpful, but I don't think it will really make a difference.