Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Milestone: Frontend options

Today, 10/10, was my deadline for completing the SOTU-db frontend options and I'm pleased that I have a very basic HTML and React Native front pages. They each consist solely of a title, search bar, and a submit button, but they exist. It's worth starting to think about some pros and cons as I move into my next milestone, working on the sentiment analysis portion of the project.

The HTML version has the added benefit of being able to use GET commands with the submit button. This would allow users to save URLs with their search terms inside them. The other limitations of GET (like a lack of URL privacy and size limit) don't seem like they would be issues for this project. There's definitely an appealing brutalism to the simple HTML version I have now.

The React Native version has the benefit of being a newer tool that I could use some experience with. I like the way it's designed with mobile in mind, and I think this version would feel more fun and responsive on a mobile device. The downsides are that it's much more complicated for me to use (since I'm new to React Native and JS in general) and I'm not quite sure I could use the URL-saving that HTML GET would allow.

Fortunately I don't have to make a final decision on this for another month or so, but it's good to have these considerations in mind as I keep working!

Next stop, a home-baked R Server and getting some sentiment analysis up and running!