Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Static Server is Up!

Another lengthy post about text mining and sentiment analysis is coming soon, but for now: I've successfully deployed a Tomcat server to my machine. Right now, the only thing hosted there is the extremely simple static search box, but you can access it live now at The search button doesn't actually do anything, and I still have a lot of implementation details to work out. But this is a nice step.

I'm using Tomcat 9 for the server, and I followed the walkthrough here to get things set up. It seems like Tomcat has some flexibility in terms of hosting JS apps and stuff that could be useful for later phases of the project. Right now, however, I'm thinking the solution might look something like enter search term > pipe term into a new document with touch > feed that document to RStudio somehow and save results into new document > serve the new document as a static page. There's a lot I think I'm missing here in terms of security, but right now that's not a major concern for this project (people won't be creating usernames or passwords, and the corpus is public anyway).

it's not much to look at, but this screen and the fact that anyone can see it by visiting this address are the products of a lot of work!